Page node admin first Drupal module by WebPartners

Madrid, Spain

September 23, 2015 18:23 PM

WebPartners contributes habitually to Drupal: we have been in DrupalCons, we are part of the Drupal Association, we spend a lot of time daily in the issue queues notifing bugs or developing bug fixes for the modules and themes we used, we even have contribute to Drupal 7's and Drupal 8's core. But until now we haven't found an improvement that could help to the community and share it.

Drupal has grown very fast in the latest years.  Much of the functionallity core provides have been replaced with much functional and scalable alternatives, which have become essential. The most known example is Views, which is at the top of number of installations  in a list of 12,000 modules.

A functionallity that Drupal carries since almost the beginning and that has been replaced with Views is the list of all the published nodes. It is displayed via and it is visible for all those users with access content permission enabled, the same that is required to access any node page (/node/[nid]).

Almost all Drupal instalations have this view accesible becase until today there were no contrib modules or core options that let disable it. Although users that follow the web page navigation will never get to it, it is not pleasant to find this cases:

Node page admin provides configuration to /node view. Once you have installed the module no one will be able to get to that page. It also provides other options in the control panel: Administration - Configuration - System - Node page administration (/admin/config/system/node_page_admin).

There, we could set three posible configurations:

  • Disabled - No user will be able to display de view, receiving a Page not Found message (404 HTTP code).
  • By permission - Access will be handled by a new permission: access node page, that will let you configure which roles can access.
  • Core - Drupal core will handle node page access as usual: all users with access content permission 

Currently the module it is waiting for review to get out of the sandbox and become official (issue).