What's SEO, What´s PTC

Madrid, Spain

September 23, 2015 17:28 PM

Internet has open a new customer selling channel and this implies new attraction techniques that must be take into account when promoting a product. As in any other business visibility to potential customers and offering a clearer and simple process are key factors to attract their attention.

The process is divided in three sections that will be detailed later on:

  • Search Engine positioning – Improving product's visibility in search engines both for position and message quality..
  • Usability analysis – It allows the customer to perform specific actions on our site (asking for services, buying a product, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.) in a quick, simple and intuitive way.
  • Web Analytics – It lets us analyze customer actions in our web.


Communication channels have strongly changed since the Internet boom. Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) in the main tool used by the customers to locate suppliers and services.

Normally improving a product positioning under a specific search is the main target, but is even more important to set the criteria in witch our product should appear and the message the customer will received when its found.

Search Engines offer two types of results given a single search. Each of these types has its own technique:

Organic results(SEO)

No cost results ordered by relevance in the used search

SEO(Search engine optimization) is known as the collection of actions used to place a web page in the top results for a specific search. By doing this we will redirect traffic to our site under relevant keywords that are related to our web.

The technique consist in preparing and modifying the web so it can be more relevant and understandable to search engines.

Keywords are the terms used by users when searching. Positioning a web may be more difficult depending on the specific keyword. The more results found for a keyword the more competence there will be and thus the harder it will be to position.

Three factors affect the results position :

  • Content related factors - The service provided by search engines is basically giving the best result according the request made. This is why the most important factor when positioning a web page is to have quality content updated frequently

    Within the most common actions done to help positioning we can find adding a blog, a FAQ formulary, allowing comments on our site, etc….

  • Technical – Technical factors are also very relevant for search engines. Features like loading time, content hierarchy, code structure, friendly Urls, etc, are valued as essentials.

  • Networking – Positioning is impacted by relationships between the site and other web sites. Search Engines value each external link on a web positively giving importance to other webs of the same thematic.

Pay results(PTC)

Results located both in the top and lateral sections.

Pay to click is the positioning in sponsored links. Those are usually located in the first results positions and the right section. The customer defines the search terms where he wants to advertise and the cost depends on the demand of the term.

The customer quickly obtains trafic to his web, but with the inconvenient that is under a payment service that will have no effect when the PTC campaign is over.

Setting a specific target is recommendable when doing PTC campaigns and mixing this with the previous mentioned techniques.


The purpose of this analysis is to study the processes or steps a user must made in a web page to achieve an action. Usability consists in making things easier and more intuitive to the customer. This will bring more interaction between users and the web and thus will increase the number of successful visits to the site.


Web analytics is a professional discipline specialized in getting conclusions, defining strategies or establish business rules from the data recollected from the sites visits.

  • It’s studying the user’s behaviors in our site.
  • Why they came and from where.
  • Why they leave and where to
  • Why they don’t do the actions we where expecting them to do.
  • What search terms were use to get to our page.

This is essential for Business decisions and for web page optimization. It allows us to know if a PTC campaign was successful or not.